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Joint forces raid YenotNgaTha village, four Rohingya tortured to half death in Northern Maungdaw

Myanmar joint forces of military and Border Guard Police raided YenotNgaTha village tract under sector-2, Maungdaw North and arrested four innocent Rohingya men from the village on 21 August 2017.

According to our correspondent report, on 21 August at around 1; 00 pm, approximately 100 joint forces of army and BGP from camp-5 under sector-2 besieged the YenotNgaTha village and arrested 4 innocent Rohingya residents from the village.

The victims were taken to BGP camp and tortured them in their custody claiming their having link with the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

The detainees have been identified as Isak Ahamed (27), son of Nur Muhamed, Mv Hamid Hussain (40), son of Muhamed, Rashid Ahamed (45), son of Muhamed Nasim and Kamal Hussain (50), son of Muhamed of the village.

The Village Administrator (U Maung Mya) and Acting Administrator (U Hamid Hussain recommended and certified to the BGP Officer that the four arrested Rohingya are regular inhabitants of YenotNgaTha and they never involved in any subversive activities who are leading a simple life in the village.

The four detained persons are day laborers who somehow support their families and starve most of the times.

Now the family members of the arrestees are in sorrow about their fathers and in deep though how they can survive without support of their fathers.

It is learnt that two out of four vicims are about to die following severe and indiscriminate toture of soldiers in the custody (detention center) now.

During raid, the forces also plundered Kyat 200, 000 from victim Rashid Ahamed’s house.

The villagers are also in panic situation following the frequent raid of joint forces who arbitrarily arrest people and torture severely, said a resident.

On 20 August 2017, the forces surrounded the South Para, Dia Para and Middle Para of Tulatuli under sector-4 and carried out an intensified raid and gathered all the villagers including women and children at village school and claimed that the villagers had link with insurgent group.

The forces plundered the valuables including cash money from the houses and destroyed the house hold articles during the raid.

They also destroyed the houses of Mohamed Alam (28), son of Abu Alam, Sultan Ahamed (62), son of Abdur Rahim and Mohamed Nur (30) son of Halu of the village, source added.


(c) 2017 Arakan Times

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