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Over 25 Rohingya villages of Northern Rakhine Attacked by Newly Dispatched Military

At around 1:00 am, 25 August 2017, the newly deployed military have attacked over 25 villages in Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung, compelling the ARSA to confront and defend its fellow civilians.

Among the victim villages are Nett chaung, Tammen Tha, Kunsibing, Nentha Taung, Mi Thaik, Kyi Kyun, Zee Bin Chaung, Laung Done, Thi Hun Gyun, Zin Pin Nya, Thre Kung Baung, Pa Nyaung Pin Gyi, Shwe Yin Aye, Myint Lyut, Alel Than Kyaw, Oo Daung, Thin Bo Kwet, Chin Ka Li, Ko Dan Kauk, Thawen Chaung, Taung Bazar, Paungdaw Pyin, Maungdaw Natala, and others.

Large scales of civilian places are being targeted by the Myanmar troops and Myanmar is expected to send more military soon. There are reports of loses of lives but the details are yet to be confirmed.

Since late July, Rohingyas of Zay Di Pyin of Rathedaung have been blockaded inside their hamlet by their Buddhist neighbors from going to work or fetching food and water for the last three weeks, although a small number had been allowed through the blockade to buy provisions on Tuesday.

During this week, the Rathedaung Penn Kaing IDP was raided and all the males were arrested, while in Oo Hla Phe around 60 men are arrested. In such a scale many villages in Maungdaw were raided, and innocents arrested by hundreds.

Similarly military and its allies are extremely trying to destabilize the region to advantage from the issue politically.

According to observers, Military intentionally escalated the violence in order to halt the implementation of recommendations by Kofi Annan Commission. For the past couple of weeks, Myanmar has been beefing up its troops in Maungdaw and other areas deliberately provocating the resisting groups.

Following the 9 October incidents, military, BGP and some new settlers have been conducting joint operations, raids against Rohingya villages and targeting civilians looting valuables, destroying long-lasting homes, arbitrarily arresting innocents and killing peoples extrajudicially.


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