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Current Updates on the Situation of Rohingyas Under Attack

Attack on Rohingya have intensified in the areas of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung where reports of extrajudicial killings, torching villages, explosion of mine bombs have been reported up till now.

  • In Dumbai, Maungdaw Military mine bomb and shooting killed 9 people including women and children and injured more than 30 Rohingyas, where as in Kyi Kan Pyin around 11 civilians came under attack.

  • In the southern Maungdaw’s Myint Hlut around 200 homes were burnt down by armed authorities in collaboration with Rakhine extremists especially from the NaTaLa resettlement. According ground sources,

  • In Chain Khali the village is burnt down to the ground and around 500 civilians were under severe attack where a few of managed to escape. In the IDP around 200 homes are destroyed to ground. All the peoples have resorted to nearby mountains and hilly areas.

  • In Zay Di Pyin of Rathedaung, the Rakhines have blockaded the Rohingya Hamlet since late July and even the Muslims were not allowed to go for food and work. Yesterday a dozen of people were killed. The historical village of Zay Di Pyin is burnt down.

  • In the Taungbazar, Buthidaung region there are reports of slaughtering and shooting on around 100 Rohingyas.

  • Around 10,000 people are displaced throughout the region. Thousands others are force to flee to Bangladesh where Bangladesh authorities have restricted the border. The escapees are generally women, children and elderlies.

In every attack now and before, there are reports of Rakhines’ involvement in anti-Rohingya attacks, but still Rohingya are refraining from counter attacks. Reportedly, the Rakhines in their majority areas are cooperating armed authorities in conducting violent attacks against Rohingya civilians, and it may lead to reciprocal actions and communal riots, according to local


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