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Authorities’ Greed of Bribe Set Sea Route Free for Human Traffickers

Burmese Authorities greed for bribe set the sea route for Human traffickers in trafficking Rohingyas to Malaysia in villages of Phauktaw Township today (29th December 2017), reports a local.

Around 100 villagers from village of Sin Tat Maw village track have been trapped by a few traffickers whom are confirmed to be on sail towards Malaysia in the evening today. “ Due to the halting of all livelihood and mounting persecution and starvation these people have decide to take this dangerous journey” Explains a local worrying over the situation.

To execute such an illegal activity Burmese Authorities have accepted bribe from the traffickers and have kept the sea route clear for sailing. To sail on these fishing boats each Rohingya were charged 300, 000 Kyats/per head and includes Rohinyas of all age groups from infants to very elderly. Pondering over the situation locals are urging state and union government to rescue this trapped people.

The 100 Rohingyas to be on board are mostly displaced people from Kyaukpyu Township, whom have taken refuge in Phauktaw Township after deadly state sponsored violence hit them in 2012.

Similar Incidences are inciting in Akyab (Sitwe) township as well, where 50 Rohingyas already had to fled towards Phauktaw for taking such a life risking move. Adding on the situation 12 fishing boats are also heard to be preparing for sailing towards Malaysia.

Authorities mounting atrocities and halting of all forms of little existing livelihood like fishing and farming are forcing the Rohingyas to accept this deadly choice to die on the seas. On the other hand Burmese greedy authorities are accepting mass amount of bribes, thus facilitation the traffickers and so called government as well in their plan of expelling the little Rohingyas out of Arakan.

(c) 2017 Rohingya Vision

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