Genocide Watch Annual Report 2017

2017 was another productive year for Genocide Watch.

In 2017, Dr. Stanton worked with Iraqi and UN legal experts on plans for trials of the hundreds of ISIS terrorists in Iraq. That work resulted in United Nations Security Council Resolution 2379 to send a UN Investigative Team to assist the Iraqi government in prosecutions. Dr. Stanton is working with the Dutch government to create universal jurisdiction and tribunals to try ISIS leaders.

Dr. Stanton testified at a public hearing in Malaysia sponsored by the Permanent Peoples Tribunal (based in Rome) on the genocide committed against the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar by the Myanmar Army, a genocide that has driven over a million refugees into neighboring Bangladesh. He contributed articles about the Rohingya genocide to newspapers and appeared on worldwide television, including BBC and CNN as well as on television in Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Dr. Stanton testified as an expert witness in a successful hate-speech trial in South Africa against a communist union leader who called for all South African Jews to emigrate to Israel.

Dr. Stanton gave a TEDx talk, “The Call,” viewable at

Dr. Stanton spoke at the biennial meeting of the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS), held in July 2017 at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Dr. Stanton was President of the IAGS, and is a Life Member of the IAGS and recipient of the IAGS Distinguished Lifetime Service Award.

Dr. Forgey spoke in December 2017 at the United Nations during the Assembly of States Parties to the ICC Conference on Accountability for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence as a Method of Warfare.

In the coming years, Genocide Watch’s emphasis on genocide education will increase. The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum is constructing the exhibits in its new building using our Ten Stages of Genocide. Teachers, journalists, and government policy makers around the world use the Genocide Watch Ten Stage model of the genocidal process.

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