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Turkish Parliament Rejects Armenian Genocide Recognition Bill

Garo Paylan introduced legislation for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide

ISTANBUL—A draft law submitted by Garo Paylan, an Armenian member of the Turkish Parliament representing the Peoples’ Democratic Party, to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for the “Recognition of Armenian Genocide,” “Removal of the Names of Genocide Perpetrators from Public Places” and “Amendment to Turkish Citizenship Law” has been rejected by the Parliament Speaker’s Office, reported the Bianet news site.

In the rejection letter signed by Parliament Speaker Ismail Kahraman, the draft law submitted by Garo Paylan has been described as “rude and hurtful” and the statements of Paylan have been referred to as “insult to your own country” and “against our national consciousness and history.”

In the letter, it has been stated, “The statements in the draft law have been considered to be hurtful as per the Article No. 67 of the Internal Regulation on the grounds that they accuse the Republic of Turkey as well as the history and shared past of the Turkish Nation and they charge the Turkish Nation with committing a crime of genocide.”

On April 20, Paylan submitted a bill to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, requesting the recognition of Armenian Genocide, removal of the names of genocide perpetrators from public places and an amendment to the Turkish Citizenship Law.


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