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PETITION Tell Chevron: No Business With Genocide

Tell Chevron to stop doing business with governments engaged in genocide.

Corporations, such as Chevron, that choose to do business with the Burmese government are supporting a regime that is on the road to the genocide of the Rohingya people. Tell Chevron that history will not be kind to corporations complicit in such crimes against humanity.

Shareholders of Chevron have filed a formal resolution for vote at the company's annual shareholder meeting that presses the company to adopt a policy of not doing business with governments engaged in genocide or crimes against humanity. Tell Chevron CEO and Chair Michael K. Wirth to adopt this policy and stop doing business with genocidal regimes.

Pressure on Chevron works. After pressure from activist investors led by Azzad Asset Management, Chevron told the BBC that it would work for "a business environment that respects human rights". But we need to pressure Chevron to use its full power to help end the genocide of the Rohingya.

Chevron is the largest U.S. corporate investor in Burma (Myanmar). In partnership with Total of France and the Burmese government-owned Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), Chevron owns the Yadana gas field and pipeline that generates billions of dollars for the Burmese government. In March 2015, Chevron entered into an additional production sharing contract with MOGE to explore in the Rakhine Basin off the coast of Rakhine State.

Rakhine state is home to the Rohingya people, an ethnic minority that has been subject to a government-sanctioned campaign of repression and violence. In August 2017, a new military crackdown caused an estimated 700,000 Rohingya, half of children, to flee to neighboring Bangladesh.

In November 2017, Amnesty International issued a report detailing how Rohingya in Myanmar are subject to a "vicious system of state-sponsored, institutionalized discrimination that amounts to apartheid," meeting the international legal definition of a crime against humanity. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has reported that the Rohingya are “at grave risk of additional mass atrocities and even genocide.”

For more information:

"Chevron says it will push for Myanmar human rights," BBC World Service, November 16, 2017


(c) 2018 International Campaign for the Rohingya

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