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Keep the Spotlight on Sudan: Another Deadly Attack Against Peaceful Protesters

Darfur Women Action Group express its outrage about the continued violence against peaceful protesters and innocent civilians in Sudan.

This morning, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) opened fire on a peaceful protest in El Obeid, North Kordofan, killing five school children while critically injuring around 50 others. Video of the attack soon surfaced, showing the extent of the brutality committed by snipers employed by the Military regime.

The RSF has continued to attack marginalized civilians of historically neglected regions of Sudan over the past two weeks, despite the signing of the power-sharing agreement. The TMC has continued to ignore its commitment and has failed to stop its forces from attacking civilians. The attack today is further proof that the TMC is seeking to solidify control over the nation’s government, use military methods, and oppress the Sudanese people. This attack reflects the failure of this agreement to promote peace.

The protest was said to have been sparked because of a halt to public transportation caused by fuel shortages, but also encompassed demands for the immediate transition to a civilian-lead authority. The highly criticized report of the investigation into the June 3 massacre was also a focus of protest throughout the nation after its release Saturday. As reported, the investigation of the June 3 incident report said only 87 had been killed, and deflected responsibility for the violence away from the TMC. The Central Doctors Committee of Sudan believes that the real number of those killed on June 3 is likely over 150, with it likely that more than 700 were injured. The report from the government’s investigation quotes only 168 as injured.

With the five more killed this morning, the number of those murdered at the hands of the RSF has continued to climb. Today’s event supersedes violence on July 20, where the RSF killed six in Kabra, and on July 20, where the RSF killed five in South Darfur.

As we previously expressed concern about the agreement, this violent incident reinforces our concerns regarding the power-sharing agreements failures. The agreement not only failed to meet the demands of the pro-democracy protesters, but it failed to address the gross human rights abuses and the military rule of gun that the people of Sudan have wholeheartedly rejected.

We, therefore, call on the international community to hold the military regime accountable for continuation of violence, press the TMC to end violent attacks against civilians, and ensure that accountability for perpetrators of the exiting and the ongoing crimes. We urge the African Union mediators and negotiators to reconsider a more comprehensive approach towards the transformation of Sudan.

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