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ŠTO TE NEMA 2020 Conversation Series: Fighting Genocide Denial and Preventing Atrocities in the Regi

Click here to watch the full event discussion.

This conversation explores challenges still left, both in BiH as well as the region around genocide denial and how to address the past as well as prevent future atrocities. The contributors will introduce their work and the ways in which they challenge genocide denial in their day-to-day but also examine societal implications.

With Hikmet Karčić [Genocide Scholar based in Sarajevo], Jelena Đureinović [Memory activism program coordinator at the Humanitarian Law Center], Gregory Stanton [Chairman & Founding President of Genocide Watch]. Moderated by Dženeta Karabegović [Regional Coordinator for ŠTO TE NEMA 2020; Researcher and Lecturer, University of Salzburg].

Organized by ŠTO TE NEMA 2020 Project Team and hosted by The Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC) who are working together to bring the ŠTO TE NEMA nomadic monument to the Srebrenica Memorial Center for its 15th annual iteration as part of event commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide.

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