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Genocide Watch June 2020 Newsletter

Genocide Watch Welcomes a New Summer Staff!

Genocide Watch welcomes our 10 new summer staff members! We're very excited to have such a passionate and hard-working cohort. Here are some things they have been working on:

The Alliance Team - Lauren Salim and Olivia Dudley - is working with Vanessa Cardenas to improve communications within the Alliance Against Genocide. The Alliance Team will be developing a new website for news from Alliance members.


The Genocide Watch staff is building Timestreams under the direction of Deanna Wilken. Timestream is a new technology through which Genocide Watch will create and publish presentations about genocidal processes around the world to be used as educational tools. Click here to view our Timestream about Myanmar's genocide of the Rohingya. Coming soon are Timestreams on Boko Haram, Cameroon's Anglophone Crisis, Coptic Christians in Egypt, El Salvador's Civil War and Genocide, Fulani jihadists and ISWAP in Nigeria, the Srebrenica Genocide, and the Yemen Crisis.

New Alerts Released

Staff member Alexandra Sharp wrote a Genocide Alert for Venezuela, urging the Organization of American States to hold Maduro’s administration accountable for crimes against humanity. She is also working with another staff member, Naveen Bhatia, to create a podcast series that will interview experts on genocide prevention.

Staff member Fiona Neibart published an updated country report on Myanmar which explores the dire situation of Rohingya refugees and continuing persecution of Rohingya still in Myanmar. The report also covers the progress of the case the Gambia has brought in the International Court of Justice charging Myanmar with violation of the Genocide Convention.

Crisis Map

Genocide Watch's Eric Ross created a map of massacres committed by Boko Haram and Fulani jihadists in Nigeria. Using ACLED data, this map demonstrates how the attacks have intensified over time. This map will be used as part of Genocide Watch's campaign with other Alliance members to stop the genocide of Christians being carried out in Nigeria.

Dr. Gregory Stanton's Recent Work

Dr. Stanton and Genocide Watch submitted a statement to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom on Turkey’s actions in Northeast Syria. The statement contends that Turkey is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria. Turkey should be charged with these violations in the European Court of Human Rights. The statement recommends that the US and EU pressure Turkey to withdraw its troops from Syria. Click here to read more

On June 12th, Dr. Stanton spoke in a conference on "Fighting Genocide Denial and Preventing Atrocities in the Balkan region" sponsored by Bosnian member organizations in the Alliance Against Genocide. Joined by Hikmet Karčić and Jelena Đureinović, this panel discussed the tactics of Serbian denial of the Bosnian Genocide. Click here to watch

In the News

Nigeria's president rebukes security chiefs over worsening violence [Read More] 99th Anniversary of Tulsa massacre of hundreds of Black lives recalls thousands of Blacks lynched and murdered in America [Read More] A Knock, Then Gone: Venezuela Secretly Detains Hundreds to Silence Critics [Read More] Libya: GNA says mass graves found in Tarhuna after Haftar’s retreat [Read More]

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