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Genocide Watch July 2020 Newsletter

Genocide Watch Newsletter


Staff Updates

Check out our new staff page where you can get to know our wonderful summer cohort and management team!

Genocide Watch's debut podcast, "Conversations on Genocide," is here! Throughout the series, Alexandra Sharp and Naveen Bhatia will be interviewing genocide survivors, discussing ongoing crises, and speaking with lawyers, scholars, and experts who work on genocide and mass atrocity prevention and punishment. Our first episode is an interview with Genocide Watch's founder and president, Dr. Gregory H. Stanton. You can find the episode here on Soundcloud and here on Spotify.

New Alerts

Linda Zheng wrote a country report for Bosnia-Herzegovina, noting the ethnic tensions that remain between Serbs, Bosniaks, and Croats in the post-conflict era. July 11th marked the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide, a genocide that Republika Srpska and the Serbian government continues to deny. According to the report, Bosnia-Herzegovina is at Stage 6: Polarization and Stage 10: Denial.

Tom Shacklock authored a genocide alert for the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the Banyamulenge, Hema, and other ethnic groups are at grave risk of genocide. Militias have targeted these groups, with little to no state security to defend against them. According to the alert, the Democratic Republic of Congo is at Stage 9: Extermination.

New Timestream

Click here to view a new Timestream on India’s Muslims in Assam, which tracks the growth of anti-Muslim sentiment in India. Narendra Modi’s ascension to power with the Bharatiya Jaranta Party (BJP) in 2014 has resulted in an increase in anti-Muslim attacks and has put India’s Assam Muslims in danger of becoming victims of a full-blown genocide.


Upcoming Events

Linda Zheng is organizing a webinar entitled “Genocide Watch: Impacts of COVID-19 on Ongoing Genocides” to discuss the effects of the global pandemic on groups at risk of genocide in countries such as China, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, and Syria. She is currently seeking proposals and speakers from members of the Alliance Against Genocide. Keep an eye out for more information on this event!


Dr. Gregory Stanton's Work

On June 25th, Dr. Stanton spoke at a press conference on the genocide of Christians in Nigeria organized by In Defense of Christians, an Alliance Against Genocide member organization. Also contributing to the panel were Archbishop Ben Kwashi, Bishop Matthew H. Kukah, Congressman Frank Wolf, and Rev. Johnnie Moore. Click here to watch.


In the News

Burkina Faso 'Guardians of the bush': brutal vigilantes police Burkina Faso [Read More] Over 180 Bodies Found Dumped in Burkina Faso Town, Report Says [Read More] China Uighur Exiles Push for Court Case Accusing China of Genocide [Read More] China cuts Uighur births with IUDs, abortion, sterilization [Read More] Democratic Republic of Congo Armed group's attacks in DRC killed almost 800 in 18 months: UN [Read More] DRC Violence Displaced More than One Million in Six Months [Read More] Mali Villagers killed in central Mali as mediators seek to restore stability [Read More] ICC Opens Trial Against Mali National Over Timbuktu Destruction [Read More] Sudan UN condemns deadly violence in Sudan's North Darfur [Read More] Sudan declares emergency in North Darfur state after violence [Read More]

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