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Call VP Harris to demand US action to end Artsakh Blockade

Azerbaijan troops blockade only road from Artsakh to Armenia Credit: AXIOS

It has been over 30 days that Azerbaijan has enforced a brutal blockade of Artsakh, cutting off the 120,000 indigenous Armenian population from life-saving food and medication as they endure freezing winter conditions. Call Vice-President Harris today and urge the Biden Administration to: -- Publicly condemn Azerbaijan’s closure of the Lachin Corridor, Artsakh’s only humanitarian lifeline to the outside world. -- Launch a U.S. humanitarian airlift to Artsakh’s Stepanakert airport and work with USAID to pre-position emergency relief supplies in Armenia for immediate delivery as soon as Azerbaijan lifts its blockade. -- Cut off all U.S. military aid to Azerbaijan, fully enforcing Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act, investigating Azerbaijani war crimes, and applying Magnitsky and other sanctions against Azerbaijani officials.

Call the White House Comment Line at (202) 456-1111 and leave a message for Vice-President Harris to break Azerbaijan's Artsakh blockade. Your call will be answered between the hours of 11am to 3pm EST on Tuesdays to Thursdays. Please call during that time. A sample phone script is provided below which you can personalize to share why immediate pro-Artsakh U.S. action is important to you. Hello - I am {Name} from {City, State} I am calling to ask the Vice President to step in to help save the Armenian families of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), who have been brutally blockaded by Azerbaijan for more than a month. Please work with the President to take decisive action to help save the indigenous Christian Armenian population of Artsakh, who are struggling to survive on the frontiers of global freedom: -- Publicly condemn Azerbaijan’s closure of the Lachin Corridor -- Launch a U.S. humanitarian airlift to Artsakh’s Stepanakert airport -- Immediately cut off all U.S. military assistance to Azerbaijan Thank you.

Click here to write to Vice-President Harris through the ANCA's March to Justice system. To send a letter to Administrator Power, simply type in your name, address, email, and phone and click "Load Messages." The ANCA system will automatically share a draft letter you can review and revise. Then, simply click "Send Messages."

Click here to send a pre-written tweet to Vice-President Harris. You can personalize the tweet as you see fit. You must have a Twitter account in order to participate in this ANCA effort.

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