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FORSEA Sponsors Webinar Against Fascism

To view webinar click here Dr. Stanton's speech, "The New Nazism" is at 4:14 in the YouTube recording.

The text of Dr. Stanton's speech is also published below.

The New Nazism

by Dr. Gregory Stanton

Founding President, Genocide Watch

November 17, 2022

I will begin with the old University of Chicago football cheer: "Define your terms!"

What is Fascism?

Fascism has eight essential attributes:



Religious intolerance.

Male chauvinism.

Reliance on violence.

Opposition to democracy.

State supremacy.

Rejection of universal human rights.

Nazism and its state-fascist communist variant are not opposites. They are twin brothers. The so-called left-right spectrum is a systematically misleading expression. The political spectrum is really a circle, with one axis, openness to change, and the other axis, tolerance for liberty.

I do not accept the Marxist theory that capitalism is the origin of fascism. In fact, state-fascist Marxist communist states have murdered millions more people than nations with capitalist economies.

I also reject the Leninist theory that only capitalism results in imperialism. In fact, the only remaining classical empires are the Russian Empire, a post-communist empire, and the Chinese Empire, a communist empire.

Nazis, communists, colonialists, religious zealots, and My-Country-First nationalists have no tolerance for liberty. They are freedom's foes. They drag whole nations down into the dark dungeons of tyranny.

Nazism replaced the Christian religion with worship of the Nazi party and the state. Nazis made genocide state policy. The Holocaust murdered six million Jews and another six million Roma, Slavs, homosexuals, and other "inferior races."

Communism replaced the worship of God with worship of the communist party and the state. Intolerant atheism became the communist state religion.

When Adolf Hitler's Nazi Regime, Mussolini's Fascists, and Japan's Empire were defeated in 1945, many hoped that Nazism and Fascism were vanquished. But it took years for Spain's Franco and the racist colonial empires of Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Portugal to fall.

The most murderous of all genocidal empires, the state-fascist Soviet Union, lasted until 1991. It murdered sixty million people. The second most deadly empire, Communist China slaughtered over forty million people. Maoism's variant in Cambodia murdered two million, a quarter of the Cambodian people. North Korea murdered millions more. It began by murdering five hundred thousand Christians and continues to send all Christians to its vast gulag.

America still supports genocidal monarchs and dictators in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Central America.

Today Fascist and Communist regimes again rule half the people of the world. And they are gaining.

China commits genocide against Tibetans and Uyghurs with impunity. It has built a high-tech totalitarian world with cameras, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition that George Orwell could only imagine.

Russia's Putin is destroying entire Ukrainian cities and murdering and forcibly displacing their people in a new form of genocide, Urbicide, the intentional destruction of cities, substantial parts of the Ukrainian nation.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates destroy Yemeni cities with American Raytheon smart bombs and finance jihadist Islam while controlling Islam's holiest places.

Turkey bombs northern Iraq and Syria in its genocidal campaign against Kurds.

Iran sponsors terrorists around the world and declares its intent to destroy Israel.

India's Modi and his BJP exclude Muslims from their Hindutva program to convert India into a Hindu state.

Here in America, Donald Trump's attempted coup d'état came close to destroying American democracy. Trump preaches racism, hatred and fear of Muslims, division of Americans into true patriots and traitors. His narcissistic personality disorder created the Big Lie that he did not lose the 2020 election. He has trapped the Republican Party into a cult of personality addicted to election denial.

Now Trump, the Mussolini of Mar-a-Lago, has announced that he will again run for President. His jaw-dropping arrogance is equaled only by the cowardice of the US Department of Justice, which hasn't even indicted him for his crimes. Trump will continue to dominate the news, rejoin Twitter, and campaign for election-denying Republicans, rather than rot in prison where he belongs.

Make no mistake about it. The leaders of these fascist movements are the new Nazis.

They are racists dedicated to the triumph of their own race or religion: Chinese, Russian, Sunni, Shi'a, Hindu, or White.

They are nationalists who deny the human rights of anyone who doesn't belong to their nation.

Nationalism is racism on steroids.

This combination of racism and nationalism is at the heart of Nazism. It is the ammonium nitrate mixed with fuel oil that, when ignited by hatred, explodes into war and genocide.

Today we declare that we oppose all tyranny. We will fight the rise of the new Nazism, the new Fascism. And we will fight all war and genocide.

We will fight everywhere for freedom of religion, expression, and control over our bodies, ourselves, and our destinies. The freedom we fight for is freedom for every human soul.

We will fight with soul force, the sacred force that the Buddha, the Hebrew prophets, Ashoka, Jesus, Mohammed, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us is the most powerful force on earth. That soul force is the Force of Love and Justice.

We are fighting the darkness in every human heart.

But we affirm the light in every human mind. In each newborn baby's brain, there are as many neural connections as all the stars in the Milky Way. In each of us is the stuff of the stars.

Each of us was created by the Force that created the Universe.

Love is God's Force personally expressed.

Justice is God's Force socially expressed.

As a five-foot-tall Babushka (grandmother) told me in 1991 as she pulled me down by the lapels to look me in the eye at an Orthodox church in Kyiv after I had spoken to 5000 people in the Maidan with Stepan Khmara and the leaders of Rukh, the Ukrainian independence movement:

"We will win. Because it is God's work."

The New Nazism by Dr. Gregory Stanton November 17, 2022
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