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Genocide returns to Darfur

Rapid Support Forces and their Arab militia allies killed hundreds of Masalit civilians in West Darfur.

A wounded man lies in a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in the town of Adre on the Chad-Sudan border. Survivors of the ethnic violence said they saw Masalit men being shot or hacked to death with axes and machetes. REUTERS /El Tayeb Siddig

November 28th, 2023

A new report by Human Rights Watch says hundreds of civilians from the west Darfur region of Sudan were killed by the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and their allied militias. The rights group says the attacks may constitute war crimes.

[Genocide Watch comment: As usual Human Rights Watch never calls genocide by its proper name, Genocide until it is over. This is GENOCIDE. Human Rights Watch is a genocide denier.]

Earlier this month, there was a wave of violence targeting mostly members of the Masalit ethnic group after the RSF took over an army base in the state.

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