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Genocide Watch Rejects Henna Maria's Misuse of the "Ten Stages of Genocide"

Dr. Gregory Stanton and Genocide Watch reject the misuse of Dr. Stanton’s “10 Stages of Genocide” by Henna Maria of the so-called "Dawn of Peace." In a video published online, Henna Maria applies the "10 Stages of Genocide" to her preposterous conspiracy theory.

She says that the Covid-19 pandemic is a hoax and vaccination is really a genocidal plot against people who believe in “medical freedom” and “self-healing.” The intended victims of this "genocide" include people who deny that Covid-19 is real and people who refuse to wear masks.

Dr. Stanton developed the “10 Stages” model to make processes that result in genocide recognizable. His hope is that early recognition will help prevent or halt genocide.

In order for a genocide to develop there must a real conspiracy to commit acts of genocide. Henna Maria's "conspiracy" is entirely imaginary. It is a product of her anti-Vaxxer ideology.

To misuse the Ten Stages of Genocide model and claim it supports the false, unscientific ideology of the anti-Vaxxers is morally reprehensible. Pretending to be concerned about a non-existent genocide and its non-existent victims demonstrates complete disregard for the real victims of past and present genocides.

At Genocide Watch, it is part of our job to distinguish between facts and fallacies. We are students of the human gullibility for conspiracy theories, especially Big Lies promoted by demagogues and genocidists. (See:;;

Desperate people will believe desperate ideologies. People who see themselves as victims of history search for groups they believe conspired to cause their suffering.

Sometimes the conspiracies have been real. For example, colonial powers in Europe and America did really conspire to enslave millions of Africans. The same racist regimes conspired to commit genocide and seize the land of indigenous people in the USA, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. It is no wonder that the survivors of these genocides are reluctant to be vaccinated with vaccines developed by Europeans and Americans.

It is a tragic choice because the vaccines favor no ethnicity. Smallpox was eradicated by vaccines that were finally accepted world-wide.

A fact we are sure of is that the Covid-19 pandemic is real. To date, over 107 million cases of Covid-19 have been counted worldwide. Covid-19 has taken over 2.3 million human lives. See The graveyards filled with Covid-19's victims are not imaginary.

We also are sure that vaccines are the key to ending the Covid-19 pandemic.

Individual decisions (e.g., to wear or not to wear a mask) have real impacts on other individuals. No one has the right to inflict his infection on any other person.

No person should refuse to be vaccinated without medical reasons. By preventing herd immunity, their individual decisions will prevent the total defeat of this plague.

Genocide Watch condemns Henna Maria's anti-Vaxxer falsehoods about vaccines.

Genocide Watch condemns Henna Maria's illegitimate use of the "Ten Stages of Genocide."

We demand that Henna Maria remove her video from all websites where it appears. We demand that she cease and desist from mis-using the Ten Stages of Genocide model in the future.

Genocide Watch Rejects Henna Maria
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