Holocaust Regret Show: the triumph of selective amnesia

Auschwitz Death Camp was liberated on January 27, 1945. This date has been designated as International Holocaust Remembrance Day, with the primary purpose of promoting Holocaust education. Unfortunately, this noble endeavor has been twisted into a grotesque ruse by the Lithuanian Government to falsify, misinform, deceive, misrepresent and revise the truth about the unfolding of the Holocaust in that country. Every year, Lithuania uses this date to perform a disingenuous “Holocaust Regret Show.”

Lithuania admits Jews were “lost”. More than 200 mass murder sites are located in the country. Believing anything else would be nothing short of absurd. However, the Lithuanian Government claims that it was the Soviets and Nazis that were the murderers. They do admit that “just a few degenerate local collaborators” “unfortunately” helped their enemies murder Jews. The claim of “loss” negates the long history of antisemitism that preceded the murders. Lithuania converts their national leaders who guided the hate and murder into current national heroes and continues to deny their participation in the genocide of our families. The Lithuanian Government has an entire department dedicated to historical revisionism and Holocaust distortion. It is called the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania, but it conducts little research. Rather, conclusions are prepared which research results are required to fit. It is a propaganda department of Orwellian proportions.

Concurrent with the government Holocaust lies is a campaign to paint Russia’s historical revisions as a threat against Lithuania. They are. At the same time, Lithuania claims a moral high ground as tellers of historical truth.

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On January 27, 2021, Lithuanian officials will again produce their annual “Holocaust regret show.”

They will mass tweet “We Remember,” but what exactly do they remember? They will not remember that their Prime Minister Brazaitis told their citizens not to murder Jews “so publicly” as it could be disturbing for some to watch. We know with certainty that they will not remember this because their government misrepresents US Congressional records in order to claim that the US Congress “completely exonerated” Brazaitis. They will not remember that the much-venerated great-grandfather of their current Foreign Minister Landsbergis was a Holocaust perpetrator, nor will they remember that their Ambassador to Germany, Darius Semaska, whose Grandfather Jonas is also hailed as a current national hero, was also a Holocaust perpetrator. Ambassador Semaska’s relatives falsely reinvented him into yet one more secret rescuer of Jews, so we are certain they will not recall his murders. Lithuanian Ambassador Semaska did nonetheless, remember to defend the good name of Jonas Noreika, another Holocaust perpetrator.

The Lithuanian government will proudly tell the world of the 917 Lithuanians who were rescuers of Jews, but they will forget that this was only 0.04% of Lithuanians. 900 sounds so much better. They will not remember that tens of thousands of Lithuanians participated in the murders or other crimes. Lithuanian memory is exquisitely distorted and selective.

The Lithuanian Government will not remember that the American cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood have condemned them for Holocaust revisionism. They will not remember that the US State Department has similarly condemned them, or that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and very many Jewish organizations have joined the international chorus of condemnation of their Holocaust lies. Lithuania will remember that their own enemies murdered Jews. Lithuanian memory is a fraudulent ploy to use their own victims in positioning themselves against their enemies. Our murdered families will once again become their tools as they did in 2020 when Lithuanian President Nauseda mourned Jewish victims at Auschwitz, while not remembering that his Lithuanian national hero, Antanas Baltusis was the leader of the guards at Majdanek concentration camp.

The Lithuanian Government will say that they will “never forgive”. But they have forgiven Lithuanian Holocaust perpetrators to the point of naming so many as national heroes, that their true sentiments about the Holocaust are obvious.

Lithuania will mourn the “loss” of their Jews. As in their Tweet below, they twist their words in order to hide that so many Lithuanians murdered Jews, and then, so many of those murderers became their Freedom Fighters.

Lithuanian government Tweet dated October 21, 2018

Mourning murdered Jews will take the form of issuing coins to divert from the facts; they also offer expressions of love, devotion, tourism promotion, and business engagement. They will remember that they named 2020 for the Vilna Gaon who was born 300 years ago. They will not remember that in 1941 Lithuanians murdered the Gaon’s relatives. Naming years as honors is a Lithuanian tradition. They have named 2021 in honor of Juozas Luksa, a member of a group that murdered Jews. They claim that the absence of incriminating evidence is itself proof of innocence. When Rabbi Baker, Director of International Jewish Affairs of the American Jewish Committee expressed his objections to honoring such a person as a national hero, the Lithuanian Government labeled Rabbi Baker guilty of “hostile propaganda”. Imagine Germany naming a year in honor of any known Nazi, provably guilty of murder or not!

Lithuanians say “Never Forget,”, but they have forgotten that it was their own leadership that proposed the elimination of Jews to Hitler. They have forgotten that murders of Jews began prior to the arrival of Nazis, and they were the ones who enthusiastically volunteered to murder their Jewish neighbors. They have forgotten that they competed to plunder Jewish assets. When Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Landsbergis speaks about “never forgetting” will he forget that his own grandfather, Vytautus, first post-independence Head of State, recently, very publicly wished death upon Ruta Vanagaite for telling the truth about Lithuania’s Holocaust crimes?

Lithuanian officials will parade with signs that say “Never Again.” There were, within current Lithuanian territory (pre-war), approximately 250,000 Lithuanian Jews. Today, Lithuania has approximately 3,000 Jews, of which about 200 are original Lithuanian Jews (0.08%). The other 2,800 were migrants to Lithuania. Therefore, we know that “Never Again” does not mean a pledge to protect their Jewish population from another genocide because the genocide has already been completed. In 1941, their national hero, Kazys Skirpa, called for a national program of eliminating Jews. This program, with a 99.92% success rate, has had the highest success rate of any program in its entire history. Lithuania remembers Skirpa for lifting a flag on a hill in 1919, but they do not remember his programmed elimination of Jews. (Clearly, a flag is more important than 220,000 Jewish lives). The Lithuanian government has systemically denied the participation of their own nationalists in the genocide, so, to them, does the statement “Never Again” mean regret that they will never have another opportunity?

Poster honoring Kazys Skirpa.


A Nation that respects itself should know its heroes

Diplomat Colonel Kazys Skirpa

The first volunteer who raised the flag of Lithuania on Gediminas Tower on January 1, 1919, the head of the Lithuanian Activist Front, organizer of the June 1941 uprising.

The Nation knows its heroes!

Tweet by Lithuania’s Minister of National Defense on January 1, 2021

On January 27, 2021, decent human beings will remember six million Jewish victims, each victim an individual with a family, somebody that loved them, each with a future, each murdered in the cruelest fashion conceivable to their murderers. We will sincerely mourn the victims, while Lithuania displays false platitudes, and presents lies, and lies, and even more lies.

On January 27, 2021, there will once again be victims of the Holocaust. This time the victims will be facts and the true memory of each of the 220,000 Jewish Lithuanian victims. Their memory will be murdered all over again by Lithuanian-government-sponsored Holocaust revision.

Lithuanian officials are proactively approaching Jewish organizations to request public speaking engagements in order to express their regrets. As professional diplomats trained in the art, they will appear sincere, and the annual “Holocaust Regret Show” will proceed. How many of us will be able to discern the truth from the lies within their statements?

See below examples of distortions sure to come.

May the memory of our murdered families always be a blessing. We are the only voice of the murdered Jews. On January 27, 2021, and every day, let us not allow the Lithuanian government to revictimize our families.