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IFJ Demands End of Detention of Afghan Journalists

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in its latest report expressed concern over what it called "arbitrary detentions" of Afghan journalists by the Islamic Emirate.

“The Taliban must immediately halt their increasing attacks and arbitrary detentions of journalists and media workers in Afghanistan,” IFJ said in a report.

According to an IFJ report, facing possible threats, almost 1,000 journalists have departed Afghanistan in the last year.

“An estimated 1,000 journalists have fled the country since last August, with threats, harsh restrictions and economic collapse leading to mass closures of media outlets,” the report reads.

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan Federation of Journalists and Media states that to improve the existing situation, the law for access to information and the law for mass media should be implemented.

"Commissions that previously functioned in the field of media protection and violation should be formed or reactivated, according to the Media and Information Access Law,” said Gul Mohammad Gran, a member of the leadership of the Afghanistan Federation of Journalists and Media.

A number of reporters in Kabul say they face restrictions in reporting.

"The media is now subject to more restrictions. This isn't an issue that should be overlooked," said Abdullah Azizi, another reporter.

"A reporter is threatened by the Taliban when he makes a report, and the lack of a media misconduct commission is another issue that has caused problems,” said Shah Aqa Sadat, a reporter.

But the Islamic Emirate considers the findings of this report unfounded.

"Journalists go beyond their professional tasks and become involved in crimes and the Islamic Emirate makes arrests to advise them," stated Bilal Karimi, the Islamic Emirate's Deputy Spokesman.

According to the Afghanistan Federation of Journalists and Media, 507 media outlets have been shut down in Afghanistan in the last nine months. 38 television stations, 91 radio stations, 16 online media outlets, 10 news agencies, 11 media outlets and media content providers, and 18 newspapers (private and public) are among them.

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