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May 19th, Greek Genocide Memorial Day

Greek Refugees after the Smyrna fire, 1922. Photo: Albert Kahn


Following Joe Biden's recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Genocide Watch would like to draw attention to the Greek Genocide, which happened at the same time and circumstances, yet receives little international recognition. From 1914 to 1923 over 1 million Cappadocian, Pontic and Asia Minor Greeks were murdered by Ottoman authorities and over 800,000 are estimated to have been deported. Turkey still refuses to recognize the events as "genocide" and currently only six countries (Armenia, Cyprus, Greece, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden) have recognized the Greek Genocide. May 19th marks the 107th anniversary of the Greek Genocide, Genocide Watch has produced a brief educational handout and commemorative logo that can be used to spread awareness and campaign for the recognition of the Greek Genocide.

The Symbolism of the Logo:

  1. The ionic column represents the ancient historical legacy that Greeks left behind and was destroyed in Turkey.

  2. The gold flowers are called Helichrysum Stoechas or the "eternal flower" which is local to the Pontus region along the Black Sea. These flowers represent the growth and resilience of the Greek communities affected by the genocide

  3. The three groupings of flowers represent the three regions of the Ottoman Greeks (Pontus, Asia Minor, and Eastern Thrace)

Greek Genocide Handout
Download PDF • 369KB

This project received invaluable expertise from our Alliance Against Genocide Member, the Greek Genocide Resource Center


Also, please view our previous handout on the Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide Handout
Download PDF • 542KB

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