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Rwanda Accused of Land Grab as Slum is Blocked Off

BBC Great Lakes

Residents say their basic rights are being violated by the government (BBC)

People living in a slum next to a wealthy area of Rwanda's capital city have been barred from leaving or entering their homes by police, while drones fly overhead announcing on loudspeakers that they should move immediately to a new purpose-built estate some 20km (12 miles) away.

Residents of Kibiraro/Kangondo settlement, which neighbours the upmarket district of Nyarutarama, have told a BBC reporter that their basic rights were being violated by the government.

This is part of an estate on the outskirts of the city to where residents are being urged to relocate (City of Kigali)

The new estate was built by some investors, and government officials say the residents have to relocate "for common interest and proper city planning".

But residents allege they are being relocated so the investors can exploit their land, which is in a prime location.

Around 1,500 families have been living in the slum.

Hundreds have already moved to the estate built for them, while many others who have stayed have sued the government saying their properties were undervalued.

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