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Timestream: The Holodomor

Genocide Watch staff have published the twenty-fourth Timestream in a series of critical genocides in the world.

This Timestream covers the Holodomor (loosely translated as "death by starvation), which was a man-made famine in Soviet-era Ukraine from 1931 to 1934. Despite Russia's denial, Stalin and his government engineered the famine with the intent of eliminating Ukrainians, as Ukraine was seen as a threat to Russia due to its perceived ethnic and cultural differences. Low estimates list the victims of the Holodomor at 2-4 million, while other estimates suggest 6-7 million. The global recognition of the Holodomor, which is currently recognized as genocide by just 17 countries, remains a mission of survivors and activists.

See the full Timestream here and view our other Timestreams here.


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