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  • Rohinya
    Myanmar Update: Plight of the…

    Rohingya boat people:  Myanmar’s shame Poverty, politics and despair are forcing thousands of Rohingyas to flee Myanmar. The authorities remain woefully indifferent to their plight The Economist 23

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    White House Acknowledges Armenian…

    White House Acknowledges Armenian Genocide, but Avoids the Term Peter Barker, New York Times 21 April 2015   WASHINGTON — The White House urged on Tuesday “a full, frank and just acknowledgment”

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    A Century After Armenian Genocide,…

    A Century After Armenian Genocide, Turkey's Denial Only Deepens Tim Arango, New York Times 16 April 2015 CUNGUS, Turkey — The crumbling stone monastery, built into the hillside, stands as a forlorn

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    The Word Obama Can’t Bring…

    The Word Obama Can’t Bring Himself to Say Adam B. Lerner, POLITICO Magazine April 2015   In April, there is a Washington ritual as predictable as budget debates and cherry blossoms. This is the month

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    ‘Genocide’ charged…

    'Genocide' charged as boat capsizes in the Mediterranean Ashley Fantz, Josh Levs, and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN 19 April 2015 (CNN)As a boat packed with hundreds of migrants capsized in Mediterranean

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  • Eritrea-Internet
    Eritrea and North Korea Are World’s…

    Eritrea and North Korea Are World's Most Censored Countries, Advocacy Group Says Rick Gladstone, New York Times 21 April 2015 The impoverished African nation of Eritrea has the lowest rate of cellphone

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