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  • rohingya
    Myanmar Update: Rohingya migrants…

    Migrants sentenced to five years Tin Thein, the Burma Times 26 June 2015     A huge number of Rohingya migrants rescued from the two ships have been sentenced to five years for trafficking Bangladeshis.

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  • rohingya
    The Rohingya and Islamic Extremism:…

    The Rohingya and Islamic Extremism: A Convenient Myth Myanmar is pursuing a narrative that rests on dubious evidence. By Elliot Brennan & Christopher O'Hara, The Diplomat 29 June 2015    

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  • Modi
    Is Modi’s India Safe for…

    Is Modi’s India Safe for Muslims? Hindu nationalism is on the rise in the country with the world’s second-largest Muslim population. James Traub, Foreign Policy 29 June 2015   Image: Indian Muslim

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  • Burundi
    Burundi Holds Elections After…

    Burundi Holds Elections After Night of Gunfire and Grenade Attacks Marc Santora, The New York times 29 June 2015 Image: Burundians waiting to vote in parliamentary and local elections in Bujumbura, the

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  • Rohingya
    China and India Are Sitting Out…

    China and India Are Sitting Out Refugee Crisis Austin Ramzy, The New York Times 28 June 2015 Image: Migrants found at sea were escorted across the Bangladesh border to Rakhine State in Myanmar this month.

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  • Myanmar Update: Rohingya Situation…

    Rohingya Situation Statement on World Refugee Day Australia Burmese Rohingya Organization 19 June 2015 We, Australian Burmese Rohingya Organization (ABRO) would like to raise serious concern over ongoing

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