TIME: "Something Shocking Is Happening to Burma's Rohingya People"  VOA Burmese promotes Myanmar Official Lies

November 23, 2016

Rohingya Muslim children stand in U Shey Kya village outside Maungdaw in Rakhine state, Burma, on Oct. 27, 2016 |Soe Zeya Tun—Reuters


The 'conspiracy of outside forces' against Myanmar: the tale the Gov.
is telling Myanmar public.

With the help of Human Rights Watch, TIME, New York Times, Daily
Telegraph (UK) and BBC, as well as Al Jazeera Enlish are all
conspiring against Aung San Suu Kyi-headed Myanmar Government - to
promote an agenda - which nobody knows what it is, or the government
will not tell the public or the world what it is.

This is also the same media and the same HRW that have sung the praise
of ex-General Thein Sein's reforms.

How is it possible that a Qatarese-funded Al Jazeera, BBC, New York
Times, Human Rights Watch - and Rohingya "terrorists" are all
collaborating against Myanmar??

Logical, empirical, plausible or not, this is the spin Myanmar
Government is propagating amongst the 50-million domestic public.

There are a lot of educated Burmese who would eat this monkey-shit
straight out of Aung San Suu Kyi's office.

This lie is prepared and served up by the Myanmar Tatmadaw
propagandists and by the defenders of the old regime such as Kyaw Tint
Swe and (Rakhine) Win Mra (former Burmese Ambassadors to UN),
two-regime spokesperson ex-Major Zaw Htay, ex-Info Minister and
ex-Colonel Ye Htut, Myanmar language media outlets, and the military's
teams of mis-information agents.


Something Shocking Is Happening to Burma's Rohingya People



Satellite Images Reveal Destruction in Rohingya Villages

By The Associated Press, The New York Times


Rohingya villages 'destroyed' in Myanmar, images show


'Mass destruction' of ethnic Rohingya villages underway in Burma,
human rights group warns


Myanmar accused of new destruction of Rohingya villages


VOA Burmese Reproducing Myanmar's Official Lies Verbatim

Why is Ko Sithu Aung Myint reproducing verbatim Myanmar Government's
version of its military operations? These operations are dubbed
"something terrible", as TIME magazine has put it.

Why did the 'news analyst" chose NOT to mention satellite images that
show large scale destruction of Rohingya villages - and charred homes,
over 1,000, at least?

Interesting that the supposedly "fair-minded journalist" is simply
echoing Myanmar's official temple fabricated by genocide-deniers.

The entire story is based on the information provided by Myanmar Home
Affairs, Myanmar official spokesperson Zaw Htay.

The reporting template is also straight from the Myanmar Information
Committe - a newly established body devoted to disseminating
pro-government, anti-Rohingya propaganda.

Why then is the US-tax-payer-funded VOA Burmese outlet running this
un-fair, irresponsible and one-side report as "analysis", that covers
up the genocidal nature of the operations, and the collective
punishment the army has resorted to, in response to the desperate,
violent response from the oppressed community, whose need for peace
and humanity has not been on any "peace conference"?


Read the article here.

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