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Don't Sell Genocide Gems

Burma's military "remains deeply embedded in the country's economy, including the ruby industy."

That is the conclusion of a recent report by the Natural Resource Governance Institute. Tne report further notes that the largest Burmese military-affiliated corporations hold significant shares of ruby mining licenses.

And yet many jewelry retailers, like Bulgari, continue to buy Burmese genocide gems. That's why this week, we are working with people like you all over the world to hold protests outside Bulgari stores.

Sign the petition to tell Bulgari: Don't buy Burmese genocide gems!

We need your help to ramp up the pressure on Bulgari to stop funding Burma's army and its brutal violence against the Rohingya. Tens of thousands of people have joined the cause and signed petitions demanding that Bulgari stop buying gems that help fund Burma's army. Butwe still need your support!

By acting together, we have the power to cut off the Burmese military’s money. Let's use the power of our "citizens sanctions" to stop the big jewelry retailers, such as Bulgari, from buying gems that profit Burma's military.

Sign the petition to tell Bulgari: Don't buy Burmese genocide gems!

Follow up your action by contacting Bulgari directly.

  • Call Bulgari toll-free at 1-800-BULGARI (1-800-285-4274)

  • Contact Bulgari directly through its website.

  • Like Bulgari's Facebook page and post messages.

  • Call Bulgari out on Twitter @Bulgariofficial.

Thanks to your tremendous response to our request last week, this week you have organized leafleting outside Bulgari's stores in half a dozen cities. But we'd like more, particularly for future weeks. To hand out leaflets outside your local Bulgari store, please contact me at

Thank you for your support! With your help, we will end the Burmese army's reign of terror in part by ending their business in Burmese genocide gems.

Simon Billenness, Executive Director

For the International Campaign for the Rohingya: Joseph K. Grieboski, Olivia Dulmage, Mariane Leite, Michael DeLong, Hana Manadath, and Akriti Panthi.

Our work is only possible with your financial support. Would you help support the Rohingya with a sustaining monthly gift of $10, $25, $50, or $100? Please click here to make a sustaining monthly gift today.

More Information:

"No Genocide Gems! Burmese Military Takes a Hit From Citizens Sanctions," International Campaign for the Rohingya blog

"Natural Resource Federalism: Considerations for Myanmar," Natural Resource Governance Institute, January 2018

Taint of Burma's Genocide Gems, The Sunday Times (UK), December 10, 2017

Jade and the Generals, Global Witness, May 17, 2017

Some Bulgari items featuring Burmese gems:

Divas’ Dream Eleganza ring, Bulgari

Il Magnifico necklace, Bulgari

Reign of Terroir, Town and Country, October 2017


(c) 2018 BHRN

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