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Sudan’s Notorious Rapid Support Forces Leave Thousands of Civilians Under Attack

Darfur Women Action Group expresses grave concern and sorrow at this weekend’s attack in East Jebel Marra. Over this past weekend, March 30th- 31st, the Rapid Support Forces brutally attacked villages in East Jebel Marra, in South Darfur. As of now, this attack left 11 people dead, of which three were young children, and 21 people injured. According to Radio Dabanga, the Rapid Support Forces had more than 18 vehicles and 50 motorcycles for transportation and were backed by gunmen on more than 100 camels, and horses attacked innocent unarmed civilians.

The attacks started in the area of Sawani on Saturday morning and continued into the areas of Terongafogi and Owru. The attackers plundered these villages, causing many to flee to nearby valleys and mountains. After pillaging these villages, looting and taking all the livestock and belongings, the RSF then set fire to these villages, as part of the government’s “scorched earth policy,” which aims to make the land uninhabitable for purposes of forced displacement leading to demographic change. Earlier in March, there was another attack in East Jebel Marra. The militia attacked Jawa in an attempt to clear the region of rebel strongholds. Around five days after the initial attack, fighting broke out in Feina and Dawa, displacing many more. There have been reports citing that Feina has been wholly taken over by government forces.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of civilians seeking refuge in the surrounding areas, in desperate need of humanitarian aid. We appeal to the international community to give assistance to all those impacted by the fighting and to condemn Sudan for its ruthless genocidal policy. The Sudanese Government for far too long has gotten away with the cruel murder of its civilian population. We must call on the US government take action against the Sudanese Government and let it be known that we will not be complacent in genocide. More so, we must demand aid from international relief organizations and that the government allows full and uninhibited access to civilian populations in Darfur, South Kordofan, and the Blue Nile to provide them with much-needed help.

It's dismaying that these horrifying incidents are taking place while the international community is seeking to engagement or normalize relations with the government of Sudan. The continuation of this attacks underscores the lack of accountability and the failure of the international community and the United States.

While the government has not seized attacks on its people there are speculations about the US governments intent to normalize relations with Sudan, which would include consideration to remove Sudan’s name from the list of terrorists sponsoring countries. The lifting of sanctions on Sudan has cost and will continue to cost, the US serious leverage through which it can promote accountably for Sudan.

We demand that the Trump Administration publicly condemn Sudan and take serious measure to demonstrate US leadership and promote accountability in Sudan

We call on Ambassador Nikki Haley to speak up and demand that UN Security Council take serious actions to hold Sudan accountable.

We must stand vigilant in the face of the world’s worst crimes and demand that our leaders fulfill their responsibility and take action to end genocide. Our world leaders are failing their promises of “Never Again,” particularly in Darfur and we must speak up, demand that they do better, to mean the words they say. It is our job to remind them and hold them accountable when they fail.

Its particularly important that we as ordinary citizens make it clear, that under any circumstances the United States must not normalize relations with Sudan. Normalizing with Sudan is equal to normalizing genocide which we must not allow it to happen in our lifetime.

With your support, we can work and end the genocide in Darfur and bring lasting peace to the region and Sudan.

Thanks for your continued support!

With gratitude,

Niemat Ahmadi

President and Founder


(c) 2018 Darfur Women Action Group

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