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Genocide Alert: Azerbaijan is Attacking Nagorno-Karabagh

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Azerbaijan Attacking Artsakh: Take Action Now to Stop Azerbaijan's Genocide of Artsakh Armenians

Earlier today, on September 19th, Azerbaijan launched a large-scale military offensive against the Republic of Artsakh, subjecting the capital Stepanakert and other cities and villages to intensive fire using drones and heavy artillery. There are already 25 civilian deaths and 138 injuries, including children. Women and children have already been escorted to bunkers in the face of the ongoing onslaught.

Demand U.S. leadership to STOP Azerbaijan's genocide against 120,000 Christian Armenians in Artsakh - an at-risk democracy under attack by an oil-rich dictatorship. 1) U.S. intervention to stop the Artsakh Genocide - consistent with our obligations under the Genocide Convention 2) An end to all U.S. military assistance to genocidal Azerbaijan - consistent with the FREEDOM Support Act 3) An American humanitarian airlift to Artsakh - consistent with America's tradition of aiding at-risk populations Please write, call, and tweet your Congressman and Senators.

Encourage friends and family to take action by visiting For the latest information on Azerbaijan's genocidal attack on Artsakh, the US response, and additional ways you can take action, check out the ANCA website and follow the ANCA on social media.

Sample Phone Script:

My name is [Name] and I am calling from [city, state]

I am calling to request your personal engagement to stop Azerbaijan’s genocide against Artsakh’s (Nagorno Karabakh) 120,000 indigenous Armenian Christian population.

On September 19th, after imposing a 9-month brutal blockade, Azerbaijan attacked Artsakh, using heavy artillery and drones. Civilian casualties and injuries have already been reported.

Please take immediate action to:

1) Condemn the attack and urge U.S. intervention to stop the Artsakh Genocide

2) End all U.S. military assistance to genocidal Azerbaijan

3) Airlift humanitarian assistance to Artsakh

The situation is dire. My family and I are following this issue closely and look forward to seeing concrete US action.

Thank you.


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