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Timestream: Herero and Namaqua Genocide

Genocide Watch staff have published the thirty-first Timestream in a series of critical genocides in the world.

This Timestream discusses what is widely considered the first genocide of the 20th century – the Herero and Namaqua Genocide. During the German colonial occupation of modern-day Namibia, resistance from the Herero and Nama communities was met with indiscriminate violence. This escalated into a brutal war from 1904 to 1908. German forces sought to eradicate the Herero and Nama peoples from the territory through mass killings, forcing civilians into the desert, and incarcerating survivors in concentration camps. Germany first acknowledged its actions as genocide in 2015, but has refused calls for reparations.

See the full Timestream here and view our other Timestreams here.


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